Refund Policy

About canceling the booking by pilgrims must be inform to the office by email 48 hours prior to the scheduled booking date. Upon sending the email, 20% of the booking amount will be deducted and the remaining amount will be returned to the pilgrims, even if devotee does not show up on the date of booking, he/she can't dispute the payment with card issuing bank.

If devotees violates Terms & Conditions, booking will be considered canceled automatically and no refund will be issued.

If a devotee's bank account or Credit card is debited/charged with the amount of a transaction. He/she should not pay again for same booking. A room booking receipt will be sent on registered email in 24-48 hours after confirmation of payment from our end. Devotee should report such incident at In case a devotee re-attempts to book a room even after having debited/charged once and duplicate payment is done, it will not be refunded.

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